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Bridal & Wedding Questionnaire Consultation


12:00 AM
2. Is your ceremony indoor or outdoor?
3. Will the majority of your photos be taken indoor or outside?
12:00 AM
12:00 AM
6. Are you going to have an engagement photography session before the wedding?

Personal Makeup/Skincare Routine:

1. Do you have sensitive skin?
2. Are you allergic to any makeup products?
3. Do you wear contacts?
6. Do you ever wear fake lashes?
7. Have you done any makeup trail before?
10. Do you know your skin type?
11. Do you have any pictures of makeup you like?
13. Will you need service after your ceremony for touch up?
15. Are you prone to breakouts/blemishes?
16. Will there be mothers, other family members, or flower girls that need makeup?
How do you like to wear your daily makeup?

Product Choice/Colour:

Do you wear contacts?
Type of wedding dress:
Will you be wearing a veil?

POSSIBLE ++++++++++

Are you taking any medications that cause sensitive skin?
Have you recently had a chemical peel?
Do you have any known sensitivities/allergies to makeup products?
Do you have any other sensitivities/allergies?


attest that the above information is truthful to the best of my knowledge. If an allergic reaction should occur, Annasha Cherebin/Annasha`s Makeup Magic will not be held liable or responsible under any circumstances.

Annasha Cherebin

Thank you, your information has been received. We will be in touch with you! In the meantime check out the latest in our shop!

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